Website & E-Commerce Services for
Progressive Gardening Businesses

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Website Design & Development

Need a website built from scratch? We'll design and develop a functional, findable website that will effectively communicate your business ideals to the world! E-commerce is our specialty, with experience in implementing many of the most popular shopping carts available today.

Website Maintenance

Already have a great website but don't have the time to keep files updated or fresh content added? We'll take care of the maintenance for you while you concentrate on taking care of your customers.

Website Hosting

Gardening Advantage offers a number of affordable website hosting plans with and without ECommerce solutions.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you not getting the amount of business you thought you would get when you launched your website? It could just be that your website is not optimally tuned for the major search engines. We are uniquely positioned to fix poor SEO rankings due to our intimate knowledge of progressive gardening markets.

Social Media

Do you want to be seen on leading social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but just don't have the time to create, post, and maintain a consistent level of interaction between you and your potential customers? Let us take care of this time-consuming promotional aspect of your business with our Social Media services.

Database Creation & Maintenance

We also specialize in the creation and maintenance of POS and ECommerce databases, again with a unique familiarity of the 5,000 plus SKU's available to the progressive gardening industry niche.

Image Enhancement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Are your shopping cart product images small, grainy, or not correctly representing the product offered? We specialize in image procurement, enhancement, and are able to provide better images for your products which greatly enhances the customer experience, resulting in larger and more frequent sales.